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that rewards you for

any kind of


How TRYP.TO works

Download the TRYP DApp

Take the first step to earning by downloading the TRYP dApp  - a decentralized application where the community has the say.

woman on her phone  in the wilderness

Be Active, Move, & Explore.

You do anything active in the world (walk, jog, run, bike, hike, swim, etc.) and the TRYP dApp will keep up and calculate.

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Earn Crypto - TRYP Coins!

For every bit of activity data you’ve achieved, you earn our native TRYP Coins, a digital currency you can hodl or exchange.

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Hodl, Exchange, or Cash Out.

The TRYP community is laying the foundations of a more active, healthy, efficient world (as well as “going to the moon”).

rocket to the moon

The Movement

Your body & bank account can benefit from more movement in your life.

Smartphone Usage

Checked 400+ time per day (up 4x from 2019).

Used 4-5 hours per day (up 30% from 2019).

Have discouraged movement.

Use Your Phone for Good️

Monitor your health data 🖤

Increase activity, connection, & adventure.

Get healthier + wealthier + happier.

The TRYP.TO Community

Share goals, results, trails, trips, etc.

Use your phone for connection, exploration & health.

Encourage movement & get rewarded, together.

movement + earning + others 
movement + earning + others 
movement + earning + others 
movement + earning + others 

A dApp built on Cardano

Makes Earth Happy.

A sustainable, carbon-negative blockchain.

A Growing Ecosystem.

Cardano & its ADA token are leaders in crypto.

Secure & Efficient.

A very safe protocol with low transaction costs.

TRYP is a Native Coin.

Hold them or exchange them for other currencies.

We’re making connections around the world to make the world a healthier place.

The TRYP Family.

If you are moving, you are earning, but find connection by sharing an adventure with others.

Are you ready?

TRYP to anywhere.

Earn everywhere.